“"I like to maintain a certain sense of fantasy in my life. I am kind of like that at home. Do I have the full hair and makeup? No. But I might have the nice dress on. - J.Lo””
MUFE Flash Color Palette

I am traumatized that I still don’t have this in my possession yet. Saving up an arm and a leg to get this bad boy.

A very versatile palette to create just about any color and can be used anywhere on the skin as desired! All makeup artists should have one as I was advised.
EMERALD - This years enchanting color.  Let’s get creative!
My other makeup kit, but without the makeup ;)
Got it for a good deal of $8.00CAD at Michaels!! It was marked down to 71% off so I bought pastel pencil crayons afterwards.  There are only 5 left at the Michaels in the Country Hills neighborhood so better get one asap if you’re interested.
Makeup is just makeup..

This a makeup look I did a few years back. It’s really simple to recreate.  I used an airbrush, but the same technique can be achieve with eyeshadow. To get the print effect;  Take a pair of fishnet tights, and stretch across the models face (you made need a hand, so ask your model to hold the tights in place) be sure that whichever way you position the diamond shapes, that you match them up as you work your way across the face / body. Otherwise it won’t be consistent. I sprayed two colours as you can see, and I used tape down the nose, to give me a perfect line. You use a sponge dipped in eyeshadow or body paint, and dab over the tights continually until you’re happy with the opacity of the colour. Then carefully pull the tights away and remove any defining tape. For the lips, you can mix the same eyeshadow colour with lipgloss like I did here. Have fun!
MakeUp: Me (Shonagh Scott) Photography: Martin Higgs Model: Gina Negus
MUFE Pro Finish Foundation
$36.00 Exclusively at Sephora - 0.35 oz - Powder (Wet/Dry)
I can’t wait to get my hands on this! My current holy grail is the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation and I have a feeling MUFE’s is going to top it off.  The project was said to have started over 6 years ago and MUFE promises this new foundation will deliver long-lasting finish, resistance, color stability and good affinity with the skin thus targeting all skin types.
If you have already tried this, please comment your thoughts below and if you have combination like me, I would love to know how it affects you!